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Cintus Supremus
It's Jerome. There aren't too many of us Jerome-type people around. Also known as (depending on the language, century, and the person) Geeroom, Geerooms, Ger-Gnome, Geronimi, Geronimo, Gerram, Giraume, Girolami, Girolamo, Girome, Grolms, Grom(me)s, Grulms, Grummes, Géròme, Hieronimus, Hieronymus, J-dog, J-rome, Jaram, Jarolim, Jarolímek, Jer(r)om(e)s, Jernome, Jeroen, Jeroenimus, Jeroma, Jeromenome, Jeromeo, Jeromers, Jeromme, Jeron, Jeronemus, Jeroniemus, Jeronimeus, Jeronimo, Jeronimus, Jeronymus, Jeroon, Jerram, Jerrams, Jerran, Jerrans, Jerrom(e), Jéròme, Jérôme, Kelome, Kronymus, Ohnemus, Onimus, Rejome, Rome, Romers, Ronymus, or Rooms.

If you're on my Friends list, it's because I find your entries interesting and I read them. Don't let lack of comments from me fool you!

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Xbox Live Gamertag: Geronimo

Yes indeed, this is the internet birthplace of Hopkin Green Frog.

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